Ashtanga Yogpeeth Rishikesh

Ashtanga Yogpeeth Rishikesh

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga


USD 299
(Double Occupancy)

USD 499
(Single Occupancy)

Motherhood is a transformative phase for a woman. The rush of hormones in your body is constantly meddling with your mood altering you both physically and emotionally. It goes without saying that it is one of the most challenging period for a woman as she is not only responsible for herself but also the little one growing in her womb and her health is of utmost priority. The practice of Pre-natal yoga dates back to the Vedic period of Indian history, it is considered to be the best technique used to smoothen your journey of motherhood and childbirth. Even in todays modern day and age a lot of expecting mothers are adopting this practice of Pre-natal yoga to make their pregnancy a wonderful and comfortable experience. Ashtanga Yogpeeth Rishikesh offers you a specialized course in Pre-natal and Post-natal yoga that empowers you to guide loads of women through their pregnancy as their Guru. A happy and healthy environment is of utmost importance for an expecting mother, from conception to after the childbirth a woman faces numerous problems, resulting in elevated stress level which affects the development of the child even after birth.

At AYR, you learn all the intricate details about pregnancy and motherhood under an expert registered with the Yoga Alliance (USA). This course is open to all aspirants especially for the women expecting or even planning a child as it paves your path for a normal delivery and also prepares you for motherhood. Benefits of this practice are countless:

● It increases your flexibility which is much required during childbirth.

● It relaxes you and helps you get proper sleep to keep your energy high.

● It helps in moderating your hormones to some extent, reducing anxiety or mood swings.

● It decreases muscle pains, nausea, headaches etc. commonly encountered problems during pregnancy.

Course involves:
Breathing exercises- These exercises helps you relax. It increases the oxygen level in your body therefore energizing your core. They also improve your muscle function and reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. Meditation and Mantra Chanting: This is a strong tool to keep in your kit bag. Meditation and chantings is a strong way of curbing down negative thoughts and relacing them with happy ones. It relaxes and refreshes you from within, widening your perceptions and imagination. It also increases your focus and makes you more self-aware. Postures/Asanas- Light Asanas to stretch your muscles. These are special postures that strengthen your uterus and open up the pelvic region preparing you for labor and delivery. The postures also lubricate your muscles and increase your flexibility to make the delivery of your child less painful.